Skype Terms of Use and Consent

Preliminary note
The JVA Düsseldorf offers prisoners and pre-trial detainees the opportunity to make video calls free of charge in order to support their social contacts using the Skype software. In order to be able to use this opportunity, it is necessary that the external contact person has an internet connection, a device with Skype software installed and a user account set up and is online on the agreed appointment. Furthermore, it should be noted that the contact person must first add the JVA Düsseldorf Skype contact to his or her contacts or configure the Skype settings so that contacts who are not in the contact list can also call the user.

1. User group
Generally, all prisoners of the prison have the possibility to use Skype. However, given the limited capacity to make video calls, priority will be given to prisoners for whom personal visits, for example due to

- the approved visits of children, which cannot be carried out at the moment,
- the physical distance,
- the health condition of the visitor, or
- the financial situation of the visitor, are not viable.

2. Regular duration of the calls
Pre-trial detainees are generally allowed up to 2 video calls of 60 minutes maximum duration per month. Prisoners may in principle make up to 2 calls per month, each with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The video calls are made in a room set up specifically for this purpose in the visiting area here and are monitored on a separate monitor. Monitoring is possible both visually and acoustically. The exact type of monitoring will be determined on a case-by-case basis when the permit is issued.

3. Verification and approval
The use of Skype is preceded by an appropriate approval procedure. Decisions on approval for Skype calls are made at the enforcement conferences. Currently already authorized child visits are given priority here. The prisoner's application must include the full first and last name of the contact person and their Skype username. A copy of the identification document of the contact person as well as the declaration of consent signed by the contact person must be attached to the initial application.

4. Procedure
The visitor staff member establishes the internet connection with an external provider and logs on to Skype as "JVA - Düsseldorf". At the agreed visiting time, he establishes the connection to the contact's specified user account. At the beginning of the Skype call, the person called has to identify him/herself to the visiting staff member by showing his/her identification document. The connection will be interrupted immediately if the treatment of the prisoner or the security or order of the prison is endangered. In particular, any unauthorized change of user will result in immediate interruption. Every prisoner who uses Skype calls commits himself to handle the inventory and technical equipment in the visiting room carefully and with care. In the event of non-compliance, the visiting staff may abort the call.

5. Protection of data privacy
By establishing a connection via Skype, both the data of the prisoner and the data of the contact are transmitted. The prison does not store the data. Before making a Skype call, the person called must be informed of the possibility of surveillance in the JVA Düsseldorf.

6. Liability
The prisoner will be held responsible for any damage to the installations in the visiting room and to the technical equipment.

7. Miscellaneous
The provisions of § 24, 27 StVollzG NRW and § 19 UVollzG NRW remain unaffected